Preventive Services

A community medical officer was appointed to each divisional secretariat. Their services were extended to all ayurveda hospitals and central dispensaries.

Ayurveda Srilanka

Counseling program

Communicable diseaseControl - Conduct awareness programs for Dengu

“Suwapasa” program - Conservation and development of traditional system of medicine

“Saroodhani” program – Conduct nutrition programs

Non communicable disease control - Diabetic, High blood pressure and cholesterol prevention program

Develop Herbal gardens in schools

Awareness program for elders

Curative Services

Major diseases can be cure with ayurveda system of medicine. They are,

Diabetes Skin diseases Abdominal diseases
Respiratory diseases Neurological diseases Hematological conditions
Gynecological diseases Hypertension Nutritional problems
Orthopedic conditions Eye diseases Hemorrhoids
Arthritis Gastritis Urinary problems

Special Clinics

Orthopedic conditions


Infertility clinic

Skin clinic

Mental health care clinic

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Paying Wards

Institute No. of Rooms Type Fees
Ayurveda Hospital - Megalle, Galle. 03 1st class Rs.600.00
Ayurveda Hospital - Megalle, Galle. 02 2nd class Rs.400.00
Ayurveda Hospital –Aperekka, Matara. 04 1st class Rs.750.00

Above mentioned fees includes the fees for meals and drugs

Herbal Production

Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Manufactory - Beliatta

Beliatta Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Manufactory is the state pharmacy of southern province Ayurveda department. It is located at hambanthota District and very close to Beliatta city. This factory was established in 1994 and situated adjoin with the Beliatta Ayurveda hospital. utilizing manual and natural systems in medicinal process. We are manufacturing about 60 Ayurveda products consisting of the following ranges,

Name Amount
Arishta 10
Asava 08
Medicated oils 11
Kalka 04
Choorna 18
Lepa 04
Ayurveda Srilanka

Making an environmental Friendly and Quality Ayurvedic Medicinal Manufactory


Produce the Ayurvedic medicine for all Ayurvedic central dispensaries and Hospitals in southern province according to the good manufacturing practice

Ayurveda curative services of 26 Ayurvedic central dispensariesand 08 Hospitals are covered by the Ayurveda department of southern province. The medicinal requirements of these hospitals and central dispensaries are fulfilled by the Ayurvedic Drugs Production Factory.


Produce the medicine as maximum level to supply for our all hospitals and central dispensaries.

Give a good opportunity for Internee doctors to improve their practical knowledge about Ayurveda medicinal manufacturing.

Empower the medicinal plants farmers in southern province by buying there cultivated plants with a maximum price.

Build up a pleasant environment inside the factory to improve the productivity.